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Hello and welcome Winter Spanks Blog Hoppers!

My name is Trent Evans, an author of BDSM and Domestic Discipline erotic romance and erotica. Rather than post about random winter and spanking related topics, I thought I’d just post a little extra winter-time vignette featuring Lacey and Troy (both of whom are characters from my book Maintenance Night), and a new character, Troy’s best friend, Hunter.

Lacey, Troy and Hunter will be featured in an upcoming sequel to Maintenance Night that will be released later this year, but in the short scene posted below Troy gives his best friend (a fellow practitioner of HoH/Domestic Discipline) a very special Christmas present indeed:)

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Now, on to the story…

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Bend, For a Friend


Trent Evans

Hunter rapped on the white-paneled door, his ice cold knuckles protesting painfully. Huge white flakes poured down all around him, the sounds of the city muffled by the snowfall. The door opened immediately, Troy’s grinning face greeting him.

“Hey, thanks for coming, man.” Troy rubbed his shoulders, a tip of his head beckoning Hunter inside. “Get your ass in here. It’s freezing!”
Hunter stomped the snow off his boots before stepping in, the warmth of the house washing over him.

“You sure you want to do this, Troy?”

He’d been apart from Sara for a year, but it still felt … a little odd. That oddness didn’t seem to keep his cock from stirring just at the thought of what was about to happen.

“Of course, I want to do this.” Troy shut the door with a rush of frigid air, the deadbolt thudding home. “She needs this as much as you do. Still won’t believe me when I tell her she’s beautiful — so I told her I would bring in a neutral third party.”

“Cruel bastard,” Hunter muttered, shaking his head as he hung up his jacket.

“You bet your ass.” Troy’s arm swept toward the hallway. “She’ll be nice and frightened by now. Shall we?”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this shit.”

But your cock can. You’re hard as a rock, Hunt.

He followed Troy into the living room. It was like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Their fireplace was roaring with a healthy fire, the yellow flames splashing warm light over the woman kneeling facing it. Their deep blue high backed chair was set off to one side looking back from the fire into the rest of the living room, the long, low couch facing the fireplace. The deep green Christmas tree, festooned with a panoply of bright, blinking lights, soared upward, taking advantage of every extra foot provided by the vaulted ceiling.

And kneeling in the middle of it all, was Lacey. She was dressed in a tight bright red long-sleeved top, and a deep red pleated skirt that was so short it barely covered the lower curves of her buttocks.

Her bottom was pressed to bare feet, the pale soles peeking out from under her. Her long dark hair had been gathered into a loose single braid that reach down her back almost to the floor.

Hunt, this is a bad idea.

But it was time. Time to get past what had happened with Sara. Time to reclaim the man he’d used to be.

Hunter leaned in toward Troy, whispering. “Glad to see you had her dress up tonight.”

Troy grinned, clapping a hand on Hunter’s shoulder. “Merry Christmas, bud. Enjoy yourself.”

Hunter made his way around the couch, sitting and blowing on his still ice cold hands. Troy, walking slowly around his silent, kneeling wife sat in the chair, crossing his legs, his eyes fixed on his waiting wife.

“Lacey, tonight is the last Friday before Christmas. And what usually happens on Fridays?”

Lacey’s head rose and she looked over at her husband. “Maintenance?”

The question in her tone made Hunter smile. She wasn’t the only wife in their little circle of friends who had weekly maintenance spankings, though Lacey’s were stricter — and more thorough — than most.

Sara had balked at the idea, despite Hunter’s belief that they could actually bring a couple closer — both emotionally, and just as importantly, sexually. One of the many reasons they’d had to split — regardless of whether or not they both still loved each other.

“Well tonight, you’re not getting Maintenance.” Troy glanced over at Hunter.

Her head tilted. “I’m … not?”

“No,” Troy shifted in his seat, a hand stroking his chin. “Do you remember our little discussion earlier this week? About the way you talk down about your appearance?”

Lacey shook her head with a little laugh. “You mean how I’m still a beached whale?”

“Lacey, stop it.” Troy gave her a tight smile. “That’s what Hunter’s here for tonight.”

Her head dropped again, and she inhaled a shaky breath. “Okay. But how?”

“You keep saying you’re fat, that you haven’t lost your baby weight. Is that right?”

“Yes — but I don’t really need to say it. You have eyes.” She turned her head, sliding a glance Hunter’s way. “Hi, Hunter.”

“Hello, Lacey. Merry Christmas. You’re looking beautiful tonight.”

Merry Christmas — to me!

“Thank you,” she said softly, giving him a shy smile, a bit of color rising in her cheeks before she turned to look at Troy once more.

“He’s right you know, girl.” Troy sat forward, his expression darkening. “But despite how many times I’ve told you. Despite what’s obvious to everyone but you, you still think you’re fat, right?”

She was silent a moment, her head turned toward the tree to her right.
“Answer me, Lacey girl.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice dropped to almost a whisper. “I still can’t fit into all my clothes from before. That says it all right there.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Troy stood up, crossing his arms over his chest, looking down upon his kneeling wife. “But I think Hunter might be able to get you to see the light. If your own husband can’t convince you, then maybe someone else — someone more neutral — can help you see how crazy this is.”

“Troy, what do you mean?”

He smiled down upon her, his eyes glittering. “He’s going to spank you, of course.”

“What?” Hunter heard her hard swallow, watched the muscles of her back stiffen under the red fabric. “But you said you wouldn’t—”

“I said I wouldn’t be giving you Maintenance, but you’re still getting a spanking.” Troy nodded in Hunter’s direction. “And Hunter’s going to be the one to give it.”

“I don’t …”

“Are you objecting, Lacey?” He paced slowly back and forth in front of the kneeling woman. “What do you propose I do? You aren’t listening to me. You’re saying awful things about yourself — things which happen to be completely untrue, and which just serve to make you miserable. And now you’re going to argue about the fairness of this?”

Her head dropped, and Hunter smiled as he watched her feet squirming under her.

“No, Sir. I just — he’s never … before.”

Troy chuckled, walking over to the fireplace, holding out his hands to warm them for a moment. “Oh, he hasn’t spanked you — but I guarantee when they were still together, little Sara got her ass beaten every bit as often as you do.”

Hunter grinned, feeling a slight blush despite himself. Even though things had fallen apart between he and Sara, that connection, that dynamic between them had never been the problem. She’d yielded to him, and he’d led — at least in bed and when it came to managing her discipline.

Too bad those were the only places she let you lead. You failed her, Hunt.

He shook his head, frowning. What was past, was past.

“Yes, Sir,” Lacey said, her voice wavering.

Troy reached up to the oak mantel, and pulled down the pale wood paddle he knew Troy was a proponent of for spanking his wife. He turned, pointing it at Lacey.

“So you agree that Hunter knows what he’s doing. Knows how to spank you — and do it well?”

“Yes … Sir.” Hunter could see the blush spreading up the side of her face, her ear a bright pink.

“Good, then lets get started.” Troy sat down, tapping his thigh lightly with the paddle. “Since you think you look so awful, and you won’t believe me when I tell you otherwise, we’re going to let Hunter render an opinion on the matter. Then maybe you’ll start believing me.”

Hunter gulped. “Troy, that’s not necessary. I think, just —”

Troy shot him a sharp look. “Do you object to having a look for yourself?”

“Well, I don’t … well, no. But it’s not necessary.”

His throbbing cock felt it was very, very necessary.

The fact that Troy knew, and completely approved of Hunter’s admiration of his beautiful wife was something they’d long ago worked out. To Troy it was the natural order of things — of course two Dominant men would take pleasure in looking upon the beauty of the wife of one of them.

It was easier that Hunter was not married himself, and moreso that Sara was no longer part of the picture, but still, it was something Hunter had never gotten entirely used to. That he was able to openly express his admiration and attraction to Lacey made things more honest, and open — but at least for him, it didn’t make the fact any easier.

Lusting after another man’s wife — even if that man was your best friend — was not something Hunter was ever going to fully be at peace with, regardless of the assurances, and outright approval, of Troy.

Troy looked down at his wife once more. “Stand up, Lacey.”

She rose quickly, her hands clasped in front of her. The red skirt which just barely hid the lower curves of her buttocks, flared a bit at the hem, evoking a sort of naughty elf vibe that made Hunter smile. He’d have never imagined the taciturn Troy as enjoying something like this — but then again, it was Christmas.

“Take off your clothes,” Troy said, his voice quiet, but firm.

Lacey made a tiny sound of defeat as the skirt whisked down her legs, revealing her naked bottom. Where Hunter had initially thought the outfit was one piece, the deep red of the snug top remained, though the entirety of her buttocks were exposed.

“God damn…” Hunter wiped a hand over his suddenly dry mouth.

Her ass was a thing of beauty — had always been, though he wasn’t always free to admit that. Broad and round, it was just as soft and firm as he’d imagined it. If anything the curves of her hips looked a little more exaggerated than he thought they’d looked in the tight jeans her husband always seemed to prescribe for her before her pregnancy. The lush, pale thighs swept down to the tight, nervous muscles of her calves, and Hunter already had the nearly overpowering urge to run his hand down those legs, to feel the frightened tension in her muscles.

“I told you, Lacey,” Troy said, with a mock scowl. “Beautiful, just like I said. You heard him.”

“Gorgeous,” Hunter added, then cleared his throat “You’re not quite done though.”

Troy beamed at his friend and gave him a wink. “He’s right, Lacey. Top off, then turn around. Hands on the back of your head.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said softly.

The shirt joined the shirt in a pile, and she turned, reluctance in every step. Her breasts, still heavy with milk, swung as she faced Hunter, her eyes downcast, the little muscles of her biceps flexing as she locked her hands behind her head. Hunter’s eyes roved everywhere at once, his arousal spiraling higher by the second, his hard cock pained, throbbing in his jeans.

The dark shock of thick curls between her strong thighs immediately drew his eye, the pubic hair trimmed into a pleasing delta, but otherwise allowed to grow much more fully than what seemed currently in fashion with women. He longed to stroke his fingers through it.

“Not shaving anymore?”

Troy nodded. “Making her try something new. As much as I like her pussy exposed, it gets old eventually. I might make her keep it this way for a while.”

“Well, I like it,” Hunter said, smiling at her despite her downcast eyes. “Very pretty.”

She shifted her weight. “Sir, I—”

“Be quiet, Lacey,” Troy said, steel creeping into his voice. “Let him look at you. You might have thought about this when you were arguing with me earlier this week about how you looked. Maybe after tonight you’ll think twice about doing that again.”

Her white teeth worked her upper lip between them, but she nodded.

“Sorry, Sir.”

Evil, glorious bastard.

“What about the rest of her, Hunter?”

His eyes followed the network of ghostly veins visible beneath the surface of the pale skin of her milk heavy breasts, the nipples and areolas still quite dark. Her belly was still rounded, but by no means fat. There were a few stretch marks visible, toward the sides of her abdomen, but rather than marring her appearance, he found them appealing, a sign of both what she’d been through and something he suspected she was very self-conscious of. That self-consciousness, that vulnerability simply fanned his lust higher.

There was some loose skin along the lower curves of her belly — to be expected with pregnancy — but he was stunned at how much back to normal she already was at not quite three months post-partum.

“She looks amazing, Troy. Her body has snapped back so fast, I can hardly believe it. Love her tits though — shame you couldn’t keep them that way all the time.”

Her face flushed scarlet as Troy chuckled behind her.

Hunter smiled at her as she peered at him from under dark lashes, her face flaming. “You’re gorgeous, Lacey. You should never call yourself fat. You look like a woman. And a beautiful one, too. You need to listen to your husband.”

“Which is where you come in, Hunter.” Troy stepped forward, his arms wrapping around her from behind, his hands catching her breasts, lifting them in his palms, her head falling back as he whispered something into her ear. Troy laid a gentle kiss on her temple, then looked at Hunter.

“She needs a reminder to listen to her husband, and to stop being so hard on herself.”

A moan escaped her lips as Troy’s fingers squeezed her nipples, a shudder passing through her body.

“Come here, Lacey,” Hunter patted his thigh. “Over my lap. Time to redden that big bottom of yours.”

Troy smiled again, urging her toward Hunter. Wide-eyed, she caught Hunter’s gaze as she turned and lowered herself, her entire body trembling violently as her weight settled upon his lap. He barely suppressed a groan as she moved against him gently, seating her hips at just the right angle, as he knew Troy would have taught her.

Troy offered the paddle to Hunter, but he shook his head, holding up his hand with a lift of his eyebrow.

“Cold!” Lacey murmured, shuddering over his lap as Hunter took a soft bottom cheek in his hand, squeezing, goose flesh spreading over her skin. He’d longed to do this for so very long. He’d never in a million years expected his possessive friend to ever allow another man, even one that was part of their very unique circle of friends, such an honor.

And though Hunter intended to make sure Troy didn’t regret it, he was quite sure Lacey’s bottom would regret it very much indeed.

As Troy sat back down in his chair. Hunter stroked the broad, round buttocks, taking his time, enjoying the feel of her under his hands. He’d missed this — it had been too long since he’d had this with Sara.

Just forget about her for now, Hunt. Not the time.

The fire popped loudly, and Lacey’s body jerked. Hunter stroked her hip, smiling to himself.

He brought his hand down hard, the smack ringing out, and Lacey yelped. He felt the mark of his hand on her skin as the blood rushed back, the hand print going from pale to pink to an angry red. He smacked her other buttock, and let his hand still on her flesh, feeling the way she writhed against the hurt, the play of muscle under the skin.

Then he took up a steady rain of blows, landing hard smacks on each cheek, alternating between each side. He varied his smacks, always seeking to keep her off balance, guessing, wondering, sometimes giving her time to feel each spank, then other times spanking her rapid-fire on the the same spot until her body reared up off the couch, her legs kicking in anguish.

He knew Troy was strict with her, and as a result she was quite stoic under discipline. But Hunter wanted to get past all that, wanted her, if only for these few minutes to surrender to him, to accept and take in the pain he was giving to her, to help her remember to listen to and obey her loving husband and master, Troy.

He smacked her ass harder, this time on the lowest part of her cheeks, where they were the softest, and he luxuriated in the feel of her heating flesh under his palm, loved the way her broad bottom shook and wobbled under each blow.

He stopped to spread her bottom cheeks, and watched her hide her face in her folded arms. Aiming carefully, he spanked the inner slopes between the cheeks, pausing occasionally to stroke the soft whorl of her exposed anus as she whimpered her mortification. He struck methodically, one side then the next, repeating it until he could hear her muffled sniffles and the inner curves of her bottom blazed as brightly red as the rest.

“That’s a girl,” Troy’s voice rumbled. He sat forward, his elbows on his legs. “Be good now. Relax that bottom for Hunter. I want you to feel this, Lacey.”

Incredibly, she obeyed, her body stilling, her bottom unclenching. Hunter paused a moment to stroke and squeeze the lush flesh of her buttocks, his fingertips tracing the swollen marks.

Then he began again, raining down progressively harsher blows until her bottom glowed red, the hand prints so numerous that they merged into a deep red smudge, the heat and pain radiating from them as she grunted softly, her voice breaking at a particularly stinging spank.

“The next time your husband tells you you’re beautiful, what are you going to do, Lacey?”

Hunter marched smacks down first her left thigh, then the right, the muscles there clenching as she cried out.

“Listen … to him. Sir.”

“That’s right. Good girl.” Hunter urged her legs apart and landed a harsh smack to each soft inner thigh, making Lacey keen, her head coming up.


“Next time you feel like putting yourself down, and ignoring the truth, ignoring your husband, you’ll remember this, won’t you?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“And if he ever has to call me back to punish you some more, I’ll come witness what happens on Maintenance Night.” Hunter stilled his hand, feeling the waves of heat radiating from her welted flesh. “And you’ll get more than a spanking then, won’t you?”

Her back hitched once and she swallowed a sob. “Yes, Sir. I’m very sorry. I’ll listen, I promise.”

“Your husband loves you very much, Lacey. And all he wants is what’s best for you. Listen to him, and you’ll never go wrong. Do you believe me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Hunter. Your husband is your Sir.”

“Yes, Hunter.”

Hunter looked over at Troy who watched silently, rapt, his dark eyes focused like lasers on the scene before him. He caught Hunter’s eye, then nodded to him with a faint smile.

Hunter had done well — something he wasn’t sure he knew how to do anymore. Not since Sara.

Reaching out and stroking Lacey’s hair, Hunter listened to the weeping she couldn’t keep inside anymore.

“Tell him, Lacey. Tell him everything now.”

“I’m so sorry, Sir.” Her voice hitched, and she took a deep breath to steady it. “I’m so sorry for not listening to you. I’m — I’m worried you won’t love me anymore, won’t want me. I’m trying, but I can’t help it. I’ll obey you, and I’ll listen.” Her voice settled, and her body relaxed as Hunter continued the soft stroking of her hair. “Thank you for helping me see, for still loving me.”

Troy got up and knelt down next to Lacey, leaning over her and kissing her cheek, his hand in her hair.

“Lacey girl, I love you so much. I’ll never stop loving you.”

She pressed a kiss to her husband’s hand. “I love you too, Sir. I’m sorry.”

Then she craned her head back at Hunter, her smile bright despite the tears brimming from her beautiful eyes. “Thank you for spanking me, Hunter. Thank you for caring about me.”

“Troy is one lucky son of a bitch.”

With a mischievous sparkle in her eye, her hand closed over Hunter’s and gently squeezed.

“Merry Christmas, Hunter.”

Copyright ©  2014 Trent Evans

All Rights Reserved

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  1. says

    I like Spanking/Corporal Punishment erotic romance. ^_^ DD is good too. I enjoyed the hot scene above. I do take exception to spanking to get a woman’s “self confidence” up. I’ve always felt this to be bullshit. It doesn’t work on me. I look into a mirror and see how my body really looks. I’ve accepted it but I’m not going to believe some crap that a guy finds it “beautiful”. Overweight is overweight. If a woman doesn’t like how she looks she either changes it or accepts it. I’m now in the acceptance mode. I can see the thought behind making her not disparage her own body, but really, that’s just a game. It’s all under her control. I’m not explaining this right, but basically, I read scenes like this and I roll my eyes. There is nothing a man can do to change my mind about my body. (Or a woman for that matter.) Only I can decide if I like it or not.

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com

    • says

      Hey BA! Glad you thought it was hot, despite your misgivings about the motivations for the spanking:)

      I know we’re not supposed to reply to comments on this hop, but I wanted to reply to this one. I totally get what you’re saying, and I respect it — I generally don’t like that trope/conceit/device either as I think it’s, well, not usually necessary. However, what I was intending to do here was to show that despite a woman’s self-consciousness about her body image post pregnancy, her man may (and often does) think she’s just as hot — and maybe even hotter — than she was pre-pregnancy. Body issues and sexuality issues vis-a-vis pregnancy are subjects I’m going to be tackling in more depth in my next novel (after “Her Troika” is completed, of course). I know that particular subject isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s of interest to you, I hope you check it out when it’s released (would be happy to provide an ARC for that matter, too).

      Thanks again for reading. Good to see you on the hop:)

  2. says

    Awesome story – I felt very similar after my second child! Personally, I think we need more well-written Domestic Discipline stories! Thanks for your words.

  3. says

    I choose number 1 (HoH/Domestic Discipline Romance), although I’m sure I’d love anything you write. I love your current serial.


  4. ghwasd says

    My favorite read combines paranormal elements (specially shifters) with the elements you listed above. So my ideal book would be a spanking shifter bear book – woo! ghwasd at gmail dot com

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    Omg, I just reread Maintenance Night last night. I can’t tell how excited I am to know there will be a sequel. This feels like Xmas all over again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In answer to your question – I would like spanking/corporal punishment erotic book. They definitely light my fire.

  6. Renee says

    Goodness gracious, after reading that hot story I forgot the question. Had to go back and look again. I would like the hoh/dd erotic romance but really anything with spanking and love are great. Thanks for the story.

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    Trent! Such a great excerpt! I liked bringing Hunter into it! Never read anything quite like this before! I am sure to read Maintenance Night as soon as I can! I am new to the spanking scene but I would have to say that so far I like BDSM erotic romance. Thanks!

  8. Cathy says

    What an excerpt! I think a menage BDSM. Your current excerpt is very different for me, a newbie to this genre.
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  9. says

    Thanks for a very hot story! I like HoH/Domestic Discipline and Spanking/Corporal Punishment best but enjoy any well written story.

    Cat catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

  10. Tammy Faris says

    Holy Smokes! That was amazing!!! Am definitely adding you to my TBR pile!!

    I love Menage BDSM erotic romance…I’d pick that one!

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    Damn you, Trent! Got me all worked up and my man isn’t’ around today…

    I’ve loved everything of yours so I’m sure whatever you come up with next will be hot.

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    I think spanking/corporal punishment, or another DD would be great.
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  13. says

    Loved your story, Trent, though I agree the La Crimson Femme in theory. I don’t believe spanking a woman who thinks ill of herself will improve her self-image, but I do believe it will help her accept (even if she doesn’t see herself as beautiful any longer, given the changes wrought by childbirth or life in general) that her husband sees her differently. It will help her recognize he is speaking the truth rather than simply spouting words he believes she wants or needs to hear. Though it’s a cliche, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which I think your story exemplifies beautifully. As for the type of stories I prefer to read, I’d have to say HoH/DD, though this story is more D/s in my opinion.

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    My vote is for an HOH/DD story:) Really enjoyed this addition to Maintenance Night, Trent. Happy Winter Spanks! authorsuelyndon at

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    the next? I haven’t read my first from you yet! Love these things, so many new authors for me! As long as it’s well written I really like anything, the dirtier the better 😉

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    Ooo! How about a mix of 4 and 5. Menage BDSM erotic romance with paranormal shifters! Or you could just do 4. I do love a good menage bdsm! 🙂 And can i say WOW! I loved this scene! Boy! They had a spanking good time! Thanks!

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