Saturday Spankings — 07/12/14

    Greetings, fellow spankos. This week I'm continuing with more from my upcoming full length novel, The Change. In this week's snippet, the hero, Kiehl finds himself at a meeting -- and thousands of miles away from his pregnant … [Read more]

Two Words I Can’t Say Enough

Here in the USA, July 4th holds a special place for us. It's the date that we celebrate our country's independence from Great Britain. We intend this as no offense to those of you in the UK; like a great many of us here in the States, I still … [Read more]

Update on the next novel (plus an excerpt)

I'm breaking in on the Spanking A to Z Blog Challenge to update everyone on the status of the next novel, tentatively titled The Change (I think I've finally nailed down a new title too). If you remembered reading my call for beta readers post, … [Read more]

Spanking A to Z — I is for In The Corner

I is for In The Corner In the corner, she wonders what happens next. In the corner, she shivers, her sweat covered body naked, exposed, the heat of her body cooling, though her shame refuses to. In the corner, all she knows is sound, and … [Read more]

Spanking A to Z — H is for Humiliation

H is for Humiliation This is such a huge topic for those of us who are kink-minded. It's something that's as controversial as it is ubiquitous. It's one of my favorite kinks -- and at the same time, I can completely understand how some people have a … [Read more]

Spanking A to Z — G is for Girlspell

  G is for Girlspell I found it surprisingly difficult to come up with something for the letter G. Yes, there are the usual suspects (both of which I love): ginger -- as in ginger figging -- and of course, gags. But others have blogged about … [Read more]